Had another wonderful weekend of Biodanza at the London school, 11th+12th Feb.

I arrived exhausted, because of working very late on several previous nights,. However, I was amazed how my energy picked up when we started the Biodanza session.

We 3 directors take turns to have one session when we’re totally immersed in the session (ie no teaching role). It was my turn for this in our first session of the weekend.I was blown away, touched profoundly as I let go of previous stuck patterns in my life. Tears of gratitude and sadness arose-a great blessing, to release the past.
I led the next session, to do with connecting with and expressing love. We did a fire dance in two’s. Sparks, almost literally flew! The energy in the room was ‘electric’ afterwards!

Another beautiful healing Biodanza weekend was created by all those participating. A learning for us all, teachers and students alike. Although this is a training for those wanting to become Biodanza facilitators, it is also open to anyone wanting to experience profound sessions of it, a blissful path of transformation. We would like to know, ideally in advance, that you’re coming.

I have just added a link on this website, on the Biodanza page, to an international radio interview I did in Slovenia. It gives a deeper explanation about Biodanza than I’ve ever heard publicly before. I give credit to the great skill of the interviewer. It is especially useful for those who’ve never experienced it. I hope you enjoy it. I would like feedback on it. Thank you.