Biodanza and Your Shamanic Journey

You are warmly invited to connect with your Inner Shaman through the wonderful system of Biodanza which is better known as the Dance of Life!

You will explore and experience movement, music including drums and rattles to begin to explore and reveal your true potentials!

You will connect with your Inner Shaman by exploring Trance Dance, the 4 elements- Fire, Water Air, and Earth. You will also connect with your Power Animals, Nature, Cosmos and realise that we are all part of Nature, something we have often forgotten in our modern-day stressed-out lives!

This re-connection is what brings Awe, Wonder and Joy back into our lives.

You will also experience a Shamanic journey with the use of drums.

It will be exciting, fun and transformative.

This will be the first of three deepening Biodanza sessions.

The other dates will be re-arranged due to the Coronavirus.

Gail Stewart is a Biodanza teacher and has many years of experience of following the Shamanic Path.

Altair de Almeida is a Director of the London School of Biodanza where students train to become Biodanza Teachers. He has taught Biodanza in many countries, including much of Europe, Bali and La Jolla, San Diego, California.  Altair has been on his Inner Transformation work since 1975, 46 years ago.


Both Gail and Altair are passionate about helping people be the best they can be.

Date: Due to the government restrictions during lockdown this event has had to be postponed. Please contact me for more details about another event.

Times: 11 am to 4 pm. There will be a lunch break. Please bring food to share, as there are no shops nearby. Also, bring a duvet to lie on.

Venue: Dance in Motion, Byres Court, Sandys Rd, Malvern WR14 1JJ. There’s a large free car park

Investment: Super Early Bird £37 By xxxxx. Early Bird £47 by xxxxx. Full price £67.  No cheques please.

Please email or text Altair for bank details:
Tel: 07855 108 777

If you are on FB please go there and say you are interested or coming. Thanks.