October 14, 2015 by Altair

I did this interview in the worlds first Biodanza webinar in September 2015

Hopefully it will inspire you and your friends as it proves that Biodanza is more than just about pleasure and dancing-it affects you very deeply, even down to your cellular level.

From this research it is clear that Biodanza can reverse dis-ease when it is regularly done.
You may not know that there is research that shows it can help Fibromyalgia.
Fibromyalgia is classically pretty difficult to shift (even with Acupuncture), and Western medicine has no ‘cure’.
If Biodanza can help with Fibromyalgia you can be sure it will help with many ‘easier’ dis-eases, though we can’t claim that-yet!

This video is particularly useful if you’re working in hospitals, hospices and other institutions-it shows we have backing of University led research.
Marcus has promised to do further shorter videos showing how itĀ helps with depression etc

Let’s make it a household name! We now have the technology! ;o))
Please pass this on to your friends etc.

With Love and Joy