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Power Boost Your Health

*Are you tired all the time?

*Swollen joints or limbs?

*Ongoing aches and pains?

*Told you’ll have to live with your dis-ease, (out-of-ease) because nothing can be done to help?

*Depressed a lot of the time?

*Stressed to the eyeballs? These and many other symptoms are your body, mind, emotion, and spirit cries for help! These symptoms can be reversed-without drugs!

Learn and Use the 7 Sacred Power Pumps in Your Body to remove toxins from Your organs and Revitalise Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The benefits of this SPECIFIC DETOX and IMMUNE STRENGTHENING programme are numerous:

*The Physical spine strengthens.

*The nerve supply to all the organs improve.

*Improved organ function-Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, plus their Yang organ counterparts, Small intestine, Colon, Gall Bladder, Bladder, Stomach and Triple Heater.

*Stronger vitality

*Reducing the likelihood or reduction of Heart/ Lung/Colon/Kidney/Liver problems.

BONUS 1: In addition to the 7 Sacred Power Pumps that remove toxins from your organs, I’ll be teaching you another simple yet very effective method to ‘boost your batteries’.

BONUS 2: You’ll be taught a simple yet effective way to identify then disperse tension in your body. If you’re often aching, this is not to be missed.

BONUS 3: Meditative/ Mindfulness techniques to calm your mind and release daily stress will also be taught to enhanced Your Life. There will be online resources that will ensure you can continue enhancing your health with this ancient health-giving practice.

7 Sacred Power Pumps

On this powerful Retreat, you will be taught and practice using the 7 ‘Sacred Power Pumps’.

The first 2 – The Cranial and Sacral Pumps are at the top and bottom of Your Spinal column. Your Spine is your support column-physically, mentally emotionally. You may have heard the phrase, ‘You have no spine’ meaning lack of courage- a mental/emotional level allegory. The Cranial and Sacral Pumps, pump the Spinal fluid 8 to 12 times a minute up and down the spine, keeping the nerves that supply your organs bathed with required nutrients to keep your organs in tip-top condition. The Spinal Fluid also keeps the Brain suspended in a fluid, like a shock-absorber, otherwise, it would sink to the bottom of the skull and get damaged.

The Sexual, Kidney, Digestive, Heart and Lung Pumps are in the front cavities of your body. According to the Chinese Holistic system, we actually have 7 ‘Brains’ or Centres of Intelligence, not just one in your skull as taught by Western Medicine. Without the Lungs working, you’d be dead in about 3 minutes. Without the Kidney Pumps- 3 days before very serious problems ensue. These Centres are different to the Chakra system used in Yoga. These centres are actual functions of the physical body, that have mental, emotional and Spirit level effects. The Liver, for example, is linked to the emotion of Anger and releasing it. The Liver and Gall Bladder are also linked with the Planning and decision-making function. In Western Medicine, this would be dismissed as ‘mythical’. However Western Medicine is narrow in its outlook and is mostly based on the physical level. This information is vast and too large to cover here. It takes 3 years to study!

In my Acupuncture practice of 32 years, I’ve seen the mental/ emotional functions of the organs improving repeatedly in my patient’s lives. as described in the Ancient Chinese texts So this is NOT theoretical for me! All the organ systems support each other. The ‘guts’ (Large Intestine) only recently given importance in Western Medicine have been studied in Oriental systems for 2000+ years. Without the gut flora (bacteria), your immune system would collapse. Yet that is what Antibiotics (literally meaning anti-life) do-they strip the system of good and bad bacteria. That is why so many people suffer after using Antibiotics…sometimes for years!

The Lower pump, just above the pubic bone, is like the ‘foundation’ of the whole system. To get water and electricity to a 24 storey (24 vertebrae) building you need efficient pumps from below. Otherwise, the nutrients do not get upstairs to the ‘ Penthouse’ ( the brain ) on top and so remains cold and dark or without electricity. This is certainly true of the Brain in your skull if it is devoid of sufficient Cerebro-Spinal fluid that can result from dehydration for example! I trust this allegory makes sense. Your body is an amazing ‘bit of kit’. In the West, we are only taught to strengthen the muscles through exercise. It doesn’t focus on improving the functions of the organs, because it has no idea how to. The Chinese Medical systems have studied how to optimise these functions for thousands of years. This is why very fit young athletes or footballers sometimes die because their physical bodies were pushed too hard (Yang) while the Yin ( soft tissue and organs) are completely ignored! Not intelligent!

This 7 Sacred Power Pump Qigong system directly works on the Yin fluids and organs, where the blood is abundant because of their functions. For example, your Kidneys flush through your 8-10 pints of blood (approximately) every 5 minutes or so, sifting out the debris, which is removed through the urine. The Liver, Heart, Lungs, and Spleen do an equivalent service daily. Mostly (unless you have organ problems) you are not even aware of these vital functions happening daily.

The Chinese Qigong systems date back at least 7,000 years and so have accumulated a powerhouse of understanding. The Western Medical system is extremely impoverished in this respect as it only looks at the basic physical level. It is pretty good with emergencies like Heart attacks. However, these Qigong systems prevent these extreme situations from arising in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure. Scientists in the West are catching up with these ancient understandings. To quote a prominent Physicist, Emeritus Professor William A Tiller of Stanford University, ‘What we can see with our eyes comprises less than 10% of the Universe. The real power sustaining its architecture is the energy contained in the 90% of the Unseen’. This is exactly what Qigong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture work with! The real power is in the unseen.

When you invest in your health with these simple Qigong exercises your body, mind, and spirit are replenished by clearing out the toxins and you gain long term health benefits. When taught in my previous classes, one student who had kidney damage through prescription painkillers (Ibobrufen) found these Qigong exercises very powerful and healing. The first time she practiced these exercises, her kidneys felt on fire- like radiators. They cooled down subsequently, as the accumulated toxins were released. Another student who ‘over-indulged’ in alcohol over the years found that her liver area ached as she did the Abdominal Pumps. Again a clearing out of accumulated toxins. This too changed and normalised.

Most of us are not even aware that our organs can accumulate toxins, let alone have the ability to cleanse them out!

On Saturday 18th of April 2020, I am teaching a day Retreat that will cover all 7 Sacred Power Pumps as well as an added Qigong sequence to specifically boost your ‘Batteries’. You know that a mobile phone that is not regularly charged up will stop working. That is exactly what happens in your body. Through excessive eating, drinking, taking medical or Psychotropic drugs as well as not sleeping well and living a stressed life, your ‘batteries’ literally run down. The results? Feeling tired all the time. Having bloating in the guts or swelling of your limbs, headaches, chronic aches, and pains. The list goes on and on. Can these symptoms be reversed? Sure they can! This is where Western medicine fails. They can suppress pain, but don’t know how to work with the body to help alleviate chronic problems. You will be taught how to charge your ‘low batteries’.

Date: Due to the ‘lockdown’ this has had to be postponed. Please tell me if you’re interested when the next workshop occurs. 

Venue: Northleigh School, St Peters Rd, Malvern, WR14 1QS Large free car parking space. If you are coming from London or elsewhere, bring your walking boots-people from all over the world come to walk here. This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), one of only 9 in England.

Time:  11am to 4.30pm. We will have a lunch break and rest (recharge before the second session), so please bring food to share, as there are no shops nearby. Also, bring a blanket or duvet to lie down on and for cover   Investment: £77. The price has been deliberately kept low for this special event to enable you to attend. 

Enquiries: Altair Tel 07855 108 777 Email:

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Altair has been training and practicing Taiji and Qigong since 1980 -40 years. He started teaching locally, then internationally 32 years ago. He is also a Consultant Acupuncturist and Shiatsu practitioner. All 3 systems have the same Oriental Medical background and my Qigong and Tai Chi teaching benefits from my experience and study of those other systems. Details of my training :

I really look forward to helping you deepen your journey to brimming good health and vitality.

With love and blessings


Altair de Almeida