Heart Centering Teamwork


”Competition increases productivity incrementally”

”Collaboration increases productivity exponentially”

By using Heart Centering Teamwork in your company, business or organisation, you will boost over-all profitability, increasingly reduce stress levels and limit staff turnover by:

  • Creating emotionally engaged, tuned in employees who are highly motivated to want to do their very best work for you
  • Creating a workplace that attracts and keeps the best and the brightest, reducing staff turnover
  • Keeping customers and clients satisfied and using your products and services consistently
  • Reducing stress, increasing collaboration between management and staff and boosting productivity

What is Collaborative Team building?

Team building for many decades has mostly been designed around creating competition between teams in a company or business with the objective of increasing productivity. Modern methods have included Paintball, 4×4 Safari’s, Car racing, Treasure hunts etc. Older versions included Tug-of-war.
They all centred around adrenaline-pumping excitement.
Yes, it was a day away from the normal office day and was appreciated by the staff because it was usually fun.
Since junior school, we have been taught to compete, so it gives teams an air of achievement especially if you are on the winning side!
Competition does increase productivity incrementally, so this became the norm.

However what if there was a far more effective way of team building?

Research and results over the last 20 years show that the Collaborative Team Building process increases productivity exponentially!

Why is that?

As competitive stress levels are reduced, the teams are a lot more productive, when they work together on common goals. This means less time off from a stress-related illness.

Why is this important?

The UK Health and Executive report for 2017-18 showed that £10 Billion was lost due to stress-related illness. You may have seen this in your own business. When one or more staff are off on sick leave, others have to take the strain. resulting in even more stress and it can spiral downwards quickly.
I value this definition of Collaborative Team Building based on research by Strathclyde University:
‘The ability to work effectively with others on a common task; taking actions which respect the needs and contributions of others; contributing to and accepting the consensus; negotiating a win-win solution to achieve the objectives of the team’

Research at Strathclyde University showed the following aspects were vital to team collaboration:

Behavioural indicators include:-

  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Give and receive feedback from peers or other team members in order to perform the task.
  • Share credit for good ideas with others.
  • Acknowledge others’ skill, experience, creativity, and contributions.
  • Listen to and acknowledge the feelings, concerns, opinions, and ideas of others.
  • Expand on the ideas of a peer or team member.
  • State personal opinions and areas of disagreement tactfully.
  • Listen patiently to others in conflict situations.
  • Define problems in a non-threatening manner.
  • Support group decisions even if not in total agreement.

Achieving the task

  • Give and seek input from others (in formulating plans for recommendations).
  • Assist others in solving problems and achieving own goals.
  • Share information, ideas, and suggestions.
  • Ask for help in identifying and achieving goals and solving problems.
  • Check for agreement, and gain commitment to shared goals.
  • Notify others of changes or problems in a timely manner.
  • Make procedural suggestions to encourage progress towards goals.
  • Check for understanding.
  • Negotiate to achieve a “win-win” outcome.

Why Heart Centering Teamwork?

Centering (I just prefer the American spelling!) is a verb. In this context, it means a structured Process that enables participants to connect more deeply to Emotional Intelligence (EI ). According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize Emotional Intelligence, there are five key elements to it:
Social skills.
All these 5 important skills are absorbed by participants non verbally in the Heart Centering Teamwork Process (HCT) This is a Vital and Unique component of HCT. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) testing has been used for around 120 years. It proves an ability to be ‘smart or clever’. This is a skill that enables us to judge, reason and work out ways to get ahead. There is still debate in scientific circles about how valuable it really is. Emotional Intelligence (EI) on the other hand, is rapidly gaining popularity because it helps with social skills, the ability to take feedback and use it constructively. Those with poor EI have a difficult time in relationships of any kind. They can often be ‘loners’. This can be disastrous in Teamwork, as their ability to mix and gain the confidence of others is limited.

Can this be changed?

Yes, it can! This is a powerful component of our training.
The HCT process is designed to increase cohesive teamwork, building trust, reducing stress levels and increasing productivity Exponentially! To get further information, please contact Altair

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