February 10, 2014 by Altair

20th Jan 2014 – What is the ‘King’s mantle’?
It is my birthday today, the day when all the US Presidents are sworn in. A good day to be born, like any other!

I decided to put into action a new blog, something I’d decided months ago to start.

So why the name ‘Quest for the King’s Mantle’?
My experience and training over the last 50 plus years has been that we as Souls, carefully plan the lives we want to experience in a particular life time, always with self-development as the desired outcome. Whether we succeed or not in our planned tasks, well, that’s the crucial question! Our ‘success’ depends on what ‘blocks’ we manage to dissolve on our journey to wholeness or Oneness, that being the ultimate destiny of all souls. If you’re sceptical about that, that’s fine. An insightful book on this fascinating subject is, “Journey of Souls’ by Michael Newton.

As a Man, I feel that my ‘dharma’ (akin to duty, but without the usual heavy connotations) is to work to take on or wear the King’s Mantel.The King’s mantel in folklore, and in those countries that still have ‘royalty’, is a symbol of Kingship, or the ability to ‘govern’. In my book, the real King is one who learns to govern himself.

So this is not about being a King over others, as is the usual implication, but over oneself. And that is what this blog is about-what that entails, my experiences, the amazing lessons I’ve learned from the extraordinary men and women I’ve met on my journeys around the world, and also the life lessons gleaned from encounters with students, patients etc

As I understand it now, this Quest for the King’s mantel is an ongoing, ever deepening process of ‘Being a Man’. For women, or Woman, the journey is about becoming the Queen, or governing Herself.
And this Journey has all sorts of different levels.

In this life time, I’ve been blessed in choosing to live a Life of Transformation, for myself, hence my logo with the butterfly and other transformative symbols.
My passion and vocation is to help others who want to, to deepen their strengths as much as they want to, in order to live a ‘Healthier Life’. This is not just at the physical level-it pertains to mental, emotional and spiritual aspects too.

Many times I have heard or read about the plaintive cry from women, ‘Where have all the Men gone?
That’s a big and loaded question, and the subject of my next blog!