TaiChiPage2Tai Chi-Qigong Instructional DVD

Price: £15 (includes UK post+packing)
Format: DVD
Running Time: 90 minutes

Please contact me if you wish to buy this DVD.

Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Gong / Chi Kung) are two ancient Chinese forms of movement. The two systems have been combined to create an 18 stance form. Unlike Tai Chi, which takes years to learn, these exercises are simple yet powerful in their effects.

Through a series of simple and gentle movements, learn how to:


Created in the ’70’s in Beijing, China, by a group of Tai Chi Masters and Acupuncturists the 18 stance form works on all the major muscles groups as well as all the Energy Meridians in the body.

The 18 stance form has taken China by storm, being so simple to learn yet giving such powerful results.

The DVD has an introduction, Dao-Yin (a very effective form of self-massage, excellent for getting you focussed and lively in the morning!).It also serves to identify and then release tension in the body. This is followed by warm-up exercises, a 20 minute sitting meditation and the 18 stance Tai Chi-Qigong form (with front and side views). It is performed in real time to make it easy to follow and learn this elegant system.

This DVD comes with a money-back guarantee! Your health is guaranteed to improve, provided you practice these exercises regularly (say twice a week or more)*. A very cheap price to pay for such a guarantee!

*Unless you have done similar exercises before.

w!cytoplanCytoplan is an independent Worcestershire based company and is owned by a British Health Charity. I highly recommend their products because over 70% of supplement companies are now owned by Pharmaceuticals! Why? They know there’s money to be made, as people are turning to supplements more. However, Pharmaceutical owned companies often put profit before people as they have to keep their shareholders happy.

More specifically most of  Cytoplans products have a ‘Food State’ version. This means that your body will recognise them in the same way as it does food, meaning that it’s far more easily absorbed.   For example, the cheaper vitamins/minerals sold in supermarkets/online are mostly in their ‘elemental state’. That means that’s how they’re in their raw state. For example, rust or Ferric / Iron Oxide is only absorbable at about 3-5%. It can also give you diarrhea! Iron is needed in your body, as it’s a key component for building blood. However, it needs to be in a useable form. The food state minerals/vitamins are used within your body, as food would be. How does Cytoplan create ‘Food State’ supplements? They get yeast to digest the minerals and then kill the yeast, leaving it yeast free. It’s an expensive process. That’s why most companies take the cheaper route, producing cheap but ineffective supplements. A book called ‘Blood Never Lies’ by Ted Alioso shows photos of cheap supplements that come out the other end, often with the company name still readable on the tablet! That means your body has wasted it’s time and you’ve wasted your money!

Another problem is that our foods do not have the number or amounts of Minerals (both Macro-minerals like Zinc and Magnesium, nor Micro/Trace minerals like Boron etc) that are vital for the correct functioning of our bodies, as there were present before the 1950s when farmers started using chemical manmade fertilisers to speed crop growth. Don’t accept my word for it! I would be happy to send you a MAFF ( UK government research) that compared the mineral content of various vegetables and fruit between 1941 and 1991.  In some cases, the mineral content had reduced by 90%! And it’s getting worse! Each mineral has specific functions. For example, Copper helps with wrinkles and hair colour. Lack of it can also cause ‘blowouts’, called Aneurisms, leading to strokes, etc. That’s just one mineral. We need about 60 altogether in sufficient quantities for optimal health. This is another reason for the dramatic rise in chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.  These diseases aren’t only to do with an aging population as the media often tells us. Lack of mineral-rich foods play their part in the rise of diseases.

specialoffer150x150Stop wasting your money on cheap supplements your body just throws out, because it isn’t usable!

If I get a sore throat, I take 2 Cytoplan Food State Vit C tabs (250mg). Literally, 5 minutes later the sore throat has disappeared! I know of nothing else that works so fast and effectively. Read more about it on the link. You’ll also get 30% off their normal costs on selected products at certain times of the year. Click on the Cytoplan link above to take you to their website. Or you can phone them on 01684 310099 (+441684 310099).  They have a FREE Nutritional questionnaire and advice on how you can improve your health. Their qualified Nutritionists will send you a detailed report to advise you on what foods or supplements will help you with your specific problems. There’s no obligation to buy from them. You would normally pay a Nutritionist £100+ for that kind of advice! That’s another reason I rate them so highly. By the way I do not have any shares (they don’t have shares anyway!) nor work for them.


There are many companies selling health products and supplements.  About 70% of supplement companies are now owned by Pharmaceuticals! Why? They know there’s money to be made, as people are turning to supplements more. However, Pharmaceutical owned companies often put profit before people. Bodykind is an independent company and sells many specialist health products from a wide variety of suppliers. I like them because they charge no postage (over £15 worth of product) and yet are cheaper than many other companies. If you buy more of a particular product they give you further discounts. Please click below for their website.

bodykind - supplements, beauty and wellbeing

I have been writing for several years about the dangers of EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) from computers, iPads, and particularly ‘Smart’ phones. In the very small print of your Smartphone notes, it says to keep it more than an inch away from your body. Most people have never read the small print! The majority carry it in pockets etc. There have been increased rates of Brain tumours, Breast, and Uterine cancers and fertility problems recorded from people wearing these phones on the parts relating to these cancers. There is ample research shown on the Intelligent Energetics website. 

For a long time, I looked for ways to reduce or cut out EMF radiation from Phones/ Computers, etc, because I know that most people are so addicted to these technologies, and they won’t stop using them. At last, I found the reasonably priced Smart Shields as shown on this website. It has been tested and shown to stop the effects of EMF’s-please see the website videos showing how blood cells are affected without the Shields and how effective it is in stopping the EMF’s.
To order one or more for family and friends please use this link

They have some other really ‘intelligent’ products, like the ‘Frequency bands’ and so live up to their company name!

Here are 2 independent videos showing the dangers of these gadgets