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The Federation of Holistic Therapists
The UK’s largest association representing Holistic practitioners

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

Association of Professional Biodanza teachers, UK

The London School of Biodanza. Affiliated with the International Biocentric Foundation.

A good Biodanza teacher in London, if you’re looking for one

How to get healed quickly with Music.
I’ve known of the healing power of music for most of my life. However, this is a cut above anything I’ve ever heard off.
Clearing severe Alzheimer’s, Autism, cancer recovery seems run-of-the-mill here!
I’ve met this composer on two occasions and I’m impressed by his integrity and courage to take this out into the sceptical world, because it works so fast. See the testimonials- they’re phenomenal!

Time for us to wake up! If you’ve ever wondered why banks get away with the swindles and corruption that they do, and why we are still bailing them out; why there are regular wars, and who always gains from them; the dawn of ‘free energy’ is here.This could easily transform poverty worldwide -find out why vested interests don’t want this, as they gain over $3 billion annually from the polluting oil-based economy.

More info on ‘free energy’

Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Dr Dean Ornish proves that Lifestyle changes can reverse dis-eases without medical drugs.


This is the website of a very dedicated doctor, one of the few brave enough to stand up and denounce what the Pharmaceutical Cartels are up to. He has also written over 200 articles on various subjects.

Another dedicated doctor telling the Truth about the FDA, Pharmagames etc. Loads of interesting health information to peruse and digest.

Wonderful food from the sea

For brilliant info on the prevention of cancer. One of the few cancer charities I support. Most of the other cancer charities only fund pharmaceutical research. Billions have been poured into the Pharmaceutical coffers over the last 30 years for cancer research with very little real benefit to Humankind despite misleading media hype.

A brilliant charity that helps cancer sufferers to access non-toxic ways of healing themselves. Another cancer charity I fully endorse, having heard wonderfully inspiring stories about the staff, and the help they gave to cancer sufferers during cancer recovery.


A great personal story of surviving Cancer against the odds and also how he learned about the diabolical methods employed by the Pharmaceuticals to get their drugs to public use by 

The information on this website was initially from the website. However, I feel Dr. Budwigs protocol is so important that I’ve put a direct link to it. The late Dr Johanna Budwig(died in 2003, aged 95) was a German doctor who helped thousands of terminally ill Cancer and other patients improve their health using 2 simple natural foods that are cheap and relatively easy prepare. Such was the regard for her powerful work, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize seven times! Ask yourself why this info has not been publicised.Could it be as simple as the fact that though it’s been shown to be effective, and there’s no money in it for the ‘Big Money Boys’, the Pharmaceuticals, so it’s been neglected? Let food be your medicine….Hippocrates, 450 BC. He is considered the father of modern medicine. In fact Western trained doctors take the Hippocratic Oath: first do no harm! All drugs have known side-effects. Are they harmful? What do you think?

acupuncture therapy

How Helpful Can Acupuncture Therapy Be for Mesothelioma …

A clinical trial has proven that acupuncture may help a patient’s cancer-related fatigue. Learn how acupuncture may also benefit mesothelioma patients.




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We at WellBeingVibes are consciously aspiring to the 7 Graces principles to impact society in a positive way.

The 7 Graces is a holistic approach to business and advertising, devoted to creating harmonious relationships with people, our economy and the delicate ecological balance of our natural world. They are values we hold dear, and principles to which we continually aim to uphold in our work and personal lives.


1. Connection: We see all things in this world as part of Creation, including our enterprise. We are committed to utilising our business to foster greater Connection between all people and the planet. We believe Connection is fundamental to the healing of suffering, and to the flourishing of all the other Graces.

2. Inspiration: We will never use persuasion to influence our audience to think or act a particular way. We are committed to empower and inspire others through our ideas, words and actions. We believe Inspiration can breathe life into all beings.

3. Invitation: We believe everyone has a right to their own space. We will always ask permission to connect with you, and when we do, we will be respectful, courteous and gracious. We believe the art of Invitation can restore friendship in our society.

4. Directness: We believe it helps no one when a business hides behind lofty jargon, gimmicks and gloss. We will always speak as plainly and as directly as we can, free from disempowering distractions. We believe Directness can restore trust in our society.

5. Transparency: We will never use deceptive language or empty promises. We will never try to appear we are more than we are, or promise what we cannot deliver. We will express our values and beliefs openly, so you can see who we really are, and allow those values and beliefs to be expressed through how we do business. We believe Transparency can create a beautiful world.

6. Abundance: We will never use scarcity and fear to manipulate others into spending money. We believe there is enough in the Universe for all when we live in harmony and rhythm with the planet and each other. We believe Abundance is everywhere, if we look at the world with different eyes.

7. Collaboration: We believe competition makes us weaker, not stronger. We believe Collaboration in business keeps positive energy flowing to create stronger communities. We believe Collaboration always results in something greater than the sum of its parts. We believe Collaboration builds greater Connection, from which all the other Graces spring.