“After suffering terribly with headaches for 8 years and taking a plethora of drugs to try to control it, with little or no success, I decided to go down an alternative route. I had been down and fed up due to 6 or 7 headaches a week and migraines twice a week, I didn’t know what to do with my self.

With some scepticism, I went along to Altair after finding his services on the web, looking for a solution.
I told Altair I was fed up with feeling constant pain and that I had once managed to have a headache for 47 days in a row – pain killers do not work, and neither do preventative drugs such as amitriptyline.
Altair told me straight off, he could help me.

After a few weeks of treatment, I realised my appetite was starting to come back, I could sleep more easily, I felt relaxed and I could actually feel myself starting to smile. Since starting treatment on 13th April 2011, I have only had one migraine – which was due to me not following Altair’s advice properly! My headaches have also greatly reduced in frequency, now I have at most, one a week. I am now prescription drug free and a lot less stressed about headaches.”
Daniel Robert Fishenden , Requirements Consultant, Requirements & ITEA, Qinetic

“When I went for my appointment with Altair – a session of acupuncture to help me stop smoking – I told him that I didn’t believe it would work. I started smoking when I was 14 and apart from when I was pregnant, have smoked up to 20 a day ever since – I’m now 52.

I decided to stop smoking in 2003 and thought it would be easy. First I tried will-power but that was hopeless. I went to a hypnotist, but that didn’t work. So began seven years of trying every non-smoking product, theory and practice available: acupuncture, NLP, hypnotherapy, Shen therapy, some weird electrical therapy, patches, gum, mints, tablets (though I stopped short of Champix etc. as the side-effects sounded too alarming). Sometimes I’d get down to one a day – I even stopped for a few weeks once, but I knew I was only ever a puff away from the next one, and sure enough, one puff was all it took to get me back up to 10, 15, 20 a day again.

I’m also ashamed to say that even the fact that my brother – who used to be a heavy smoker – died of lung cancer four years ago didn’t make me stop.

Last week, perhaps as a result of some very stressful changes going on in my life, I realised I was on full-strength nicotine patches AND still smoking 10 a day, sometimes more. I thought I’d give acupuncture another go, though I was sure it would be a waste of time and money – I just felt I had to keep trying. I asked Altair how many sessions it would take. “Just one,” he said, and I laughed.

When the time came for my appointment, I hadn’t thrown away my cigarettes beforehand as Altair suggested – no way! Usually I have whatever therapy, get back home and light up. He said I should have done, but only a committed smoker (or drug addict…) knows the terror and agony of wanting a cigarette and not being able to have one especially in the middle of the night when the shops are shut (“I’d probably walk the streets looking for cigarette butts,” I told Altair).

The session went ahead. When I got home, I was conscious of actually NOT wanting a cigarette. Of course I thought about smoking all day, but each time I expected to want to run to the half-full packet and light up, it didn’t happen – I realised I didn’t need one. Hours went by and apart from once or twice having a hint of wanting one, it only lasted a couple of seconds and then disappeared.

It’s been nearly a week and I still haven’t smoked and still don’t want to – in fact, for the first time in my smoking life, I can honestly say “I am not a smoker and never want to be one again”. It hasn’t just been easy, it’s been amazing, fantastic – a miracle! I feel wonderful already, free of the obsession and control of those vile greedy corporations (and my own demons) which got me addicted in the first place.

I can’t thank Altair enough for helping me achieve this (and for the years of wonderful Shiatsu treatments which help keep me balanced and calm even when my world is spinning out of control).

Thank you, Altair.”
With love from Carly Tinkler, Landscape architect, Malvern

Altair has helped me for many, many years now. I would go to no one else. I have complete faith in his Acupuncture and Shiatsu treatments and go regularly to keep myself in the best possible health. I particularly like Altair’s all-encompassing holistic approach to well-being and rely on his advice and treatment to enable me to lead as healthy a life as possible. On many occasions I have gone to Altair with a lot of pain. I have long standing back, shoulder and neck problems and the relief is immense. His “seasonal “ Acupuncture benefits my life in so many ways and the treatments are so energising and important in this busy, stressful world we live in.

I believe life is for living to the full and in the best possible health you can be and Altair’s treatment enables me to achieve this
Angie Green, SEO, Civil Service, Worcester

I have been seeing Altair for around 8 months where he has been treating me using Acupuncture. Acupuncture benefits my well being tremendously and I have felt fully supported by Altair through the process. He has also recommended many ways I can improve my lifestyle along with suggesting many fascinating books to read. His approach also deals with the power of the mind and positive thinking. I would recommend Altair to anyone who thinks they need to change their lifestyle and change the way they think. He truly is an inspiration.
Simon Dawes, Entrepreneur, Birtsmorton Court Weddings

My wife has been receiving treatment from Altair Anjilo de Almeida for about two years including Acupuncture & advice regarding Diet, Vitamin Intake and Remedies for a skin condition caused by earlier Steroid injections for pain relief.

Acupuncture benefits have been quite outstanding for pain relief from Arthritis without any side effects associated with more traditional procedures e.g  injections or oral prescriptions

Although she is due to have a hip replacement shortly Acupuncture has helped to alleviate the pain and  she will continue this treatment after the operation.

To prove to herself that Acupuncture was effective in providing pain relief she purposely went for two months without treatment only for the pain to return.

Obviously a worn hip joint will never heal  itself, so surgery is necessary but up to the point of surgery Acupuncture has certainly provided great relief and considerably helped her well being.

I recommend to anyone suffering from pain in whatever form to seek advice from Altair who has had many years of practical and invaluable experience.
Roger M. Messenger, Retired civil engineer, Abberley, Worcs

Altair has been simply brilliant helping me with a frozen shoulder and extremely painful stiff neck. From 10/10 in depth of pain he reduced it to 3 in one session using Battlefield Acupuncture. Next session the pain dropped down to an easily manageable 1/10. Since then it has gone. His experience in Holistic Medicine spanning over 40 years is what helped me change my lifestyle and improve my health. I highly recommend Altair for acute or chronic problems.

Akushi Angel, Spiritual Counsellor, Angel Healer

When I was 7 I had a lobe of my left lung removed because of Bronchiectasis- a condition where excess phlegm is continually created, which causes me to continually cough up phlegm. Due to this condition I was more prone to lung and chest infections than most people. My doctor would prescribe antibiotics each time, which resulted in me feeling ‘wiped out, depressed and weepy’ for about a month.
I first saw Altair for Acupuncture in September, several years ago when I had had 7 courses of antibiotics for chest infections, in 7 months. I was in a desperate state. After my Acupuncture treatment I didn’t have another chest infection until February, 6 months later. When I saw my doctor, he said it was just ‘coincidence’ that the bugs didn’t get me, nothing to do with Acupuncture. I know different now. It was because my immune system had been greatly improved through Altair’s treatment and advice. He has helped me immensely to do simple mental and physical exercises that have enabled me to become more confident in myself. My daughter has often remarked how well I cope with stresses, that in the past would have created havoc with my health. Through his advice my diet etc has improved, and I know what to avoid which in the past would have weakened my health. I would highly recommend Altair for his great experience in the health field, and his ability to help people across the board, but especially those like me with serious chronic health problems.
Audrey Bevan, House wife, Worcester


Tai Chi+Qigong

“Thank you for all you have taught me up to now. I am very grateful and privileged to have had such a great teacher/sifu with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom. You have helped me spiritually, mentally and improved my understanding within the Martial Arts for that I be will forever grateful.”
Kevin Price, Professional Photographer and Kung Fu teacher, Leigh Sinton, Worcs

“I have been practising Taiji and Qigong with Altair for seven years and find the exercises are wonderful for my stamina, strength and balance. The meditation helps reduce stress and I find that the Taiji Form and Sword Form are great for my mind/body co-ordination.”
Malcolm Rolfe, aged 69. Retired IT Company Director, Malvern

“I’ve been in Altair’s Tai Chi class for nine years. What it’s given me is not only the physical benefit of increased flexibility, but a calmer mind and a more harmonious view of life. Tai Chi balances mind and body, and Altair is an excellent teacher who acknowledges the importance of this balance and encourages all ages and all abilities”
Alana Michael,Secretary, Malvern

Firstly I attended his Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes every Tuesday night which I still attend religiously. I was hooked with this discipline right from the start as Altair makes the sessions so much fun and very inclusive. Every session he adjusts the exercises to suit the mood and the individuals so the first hour long Chi Gong part races along so quickly. He always includes about 15 minutes of group meditation where he often teaches us a few of his spiritual tricks or recent disciplines. I have been learning the Tai Chi form (which we do in the second hour) for about 9 months now and I really enjoy the movement and concentration.

Simon Dawes, Entrepreneur, Birtsmorton Court Weddings


When I first met Altair about 8 months ago I was suffering from severe back pain which concerned me, as I had great difficulty walking. I was also going through a stressful period with my business. Within 3 Shiatsu treatments I began to feel better and I have not had a problem with my back since. I now find myself looking forward to my monthly massage which leaves me relaxed and refreshed.
John Painter, Managing Partner, Accountancy firm, Worcester

I regularly visit Altair for Shiatsu massage to work out tension accumulated from my job as a cameraman. I find it hard to relax and a regular session helps both my body and mind. I’ve seen Altair for both Acupuncture and Shiatsu and his vast knowledge is invaluable when choosing the right treatment to suit your specific need. I would highly recommend Altair as an experienced skilled practitioner and as a really genuine guy.
Chris Hollier, International photographer and television cameraman

“I am delighted to be working with Shiatsu Society (UK). I believe that modern medicine and complementary therapies can often work together to achieve the best results for patients. Using a practitioner from the Shiatsu Society (UK) assures you of professional, expert attention.”
Dr. Hilary Jones, GP and TV Medic


“The Biodanza with Altair at the One World Festival, Staffordshire was a wonderful experience. I found it a liberating, empowering and intimate experience which has been beneficial for my on-going spiritual growth.”
Julie Silver, Nutritionist. www.juliesilver.co.uk

“So much gratitude for last friday’s Biodanza. So utterly powerful , so profoundly touching. I felt like a Goddess in the truest sense of the word. So thank you for your gift in enabling this deepest sense of love.”
Francoise Petraman, Reflexologist, Intuitive. Malvern

“Thank you so much for such a fun evening last Friday, it was a very informative experience for me. You created such a safe and holding atmosphere in the way you facilitated the evening it was such a delight and joy. The only muscles hurting were the ones in my face from smiling so much.”
Viola Iken, Yoga teacher, Monmouth

“You have inspired me, and often do by your commitment and striving to get Biodanza out there in the world and to help people be the best they can be.”
Dr. Juliet Lyndle,Phd. Entomologist, Malvern

“What an amazing session last night!! I feel that I’m still connecting with the “marvellous” and need to acknowledge how far I’ve come. Big Thank You”
Cardia Sheperd, Ex-Nurse, Aromatherapist, Biodanza teacher, Broadway.

“Hello Altair
I wanted to tell you about my experience of Biodanza with you and fellow partcipants at Nab Cottage, Rydal Waters. At times it was thoroughly joyful and the sense of intimacy and connection that I experienced with a group of strangers shifted all kinds of notions that I realise I had about relationship and communication. That alone was such a learning experience and I suppose that I am still processing that at a deeper level.

I felt almost drunk and certainly in some kind of altered state when I got back home. I thought I would sleep like the proverbial log but in fact I hardly slept at all and throughout the night I had what felt like a delerium of memories of being four years old. The feelings persisted the next day when I felt on fire with anxiety and spent the day in floods of tears.

I don’t know if you recall the conversation that we had – Ali too – in the evening at Nab Cottage – you suggested that the feeling I had named ‘fear’ wasn’t in fact fear but something else. I awoke the next morning and literally was able to name the feeling as soon as I awoke. But that felt like an insight in my head and it wasn’t until I got home that the actual feeling/s surfaced.

Although I felt much better the following day I can’t say that I have dealt with what has surfaced. I can name, know and be aware of certain recurrent feelings, make connections between stuff going on at a particular time in my childhood and certainly recognise that I have had these feelings buried and unamed and unrecognised for years. And I can now realise the cost of ‘forgetting’ them. I can even have a sense of healing but I still feel that I have a long way to go. I have committed myself to more regular meditation, to paying more attention to experience within my body and to being in the present moment. But it feels a bit like shedding a skin – messy and difficult to contain in the midst of everyday interactions and my current situation and responsibilities. I feel myself resisting and clinging on in the fear of being ‘exposed’, but then more frightening is the notion that I might abandon the process and be stuck where I am.

On a very personal note I want to say that I feel that you are a wonderful teacher.I have an enduring image of you smiling and moving so lightly and tenderly and feel that there is something in that recurring image that I need to learn – but not sure what yet. For me and I think for others too you inspired an implicit trust and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to the next workshop in January. By the way if you have some kind of flier for the workshop that you can send as an attachment I will print some copies and put them up in selected locations in Lancaster.”
Warmest wishes, Georgia Cassar, Lake District

“I giggle, chuckle and smile all week following each Biodanza class. In the class, I dance on my own as the earth, fire or another themed dance and also dance with a one person, multiple partners or the whole class. The challenge for me is not speaking during the class yet communicating with people through eye contact and touch and smiles. This communication with the other participants is on a deeper level than I have ever done outside of my immediate relationships. Even though I haven’t spoken to the others in the class and don’t even know their names, I would be sad to never see each and every one of them again. Biodanza brings out the best side of people- the loving and caring side or as described by Altair, the authentic side of them. Biodanza has made me realize that in daily life I use my talking to keep people at a distance rather than bringing them into my life. It is teaching me the powerful forms of nonverbal communication and preparing me to use them outside of the class in real life. The class helps me to be comfortable with pushing out of my comfort zone and mostly to have fun while doing it. The best thing about the class is it is FUN and leaves me with a happy feeling which resonates long after I leave the class.
With grateful thanks Altair!”
Mary Dunand, Yoga teacher, Worcester

“Altair, I am without further words or eloquence to do more than thank you for your teaching and for the care and commitment you give to creating the space and energy for our grateful souls to unfold in.
Much love”
Shakti (Sue) Friston, Yoga teacher, Newent

“I would like to tell you about something that happened during a course I ran in Khartoum in November. It was such a mixed group of people from many different countries, both African and European. There was a moment when we all needed to come together after a difficult exercise and for the first time in my life I was able to spontaneously get them all together in a circle to dance! That is all due to you. I would never have had the courage before – it was amazing. The person I was working with said the joy on my face when doing this was one of the highlights of the workshop. I felt I had crossed such a significant boundary, especially when Africans of course love to dance”.
Jane Gilbert, International organisations coach, Penrith

Both me and my wife have attended Biodanza classes and I am very keen to continue with the programme.  Altair makes the process fun and rewarding on a deep level. Altair’s music choice is brilliant too.
I would recommend Altair to anyone who thinks they need to change their lifestyle and change the way they think. He truly is an inspiration

Simon Dawes, Entrepreneur, Birtsmorton Court Weddings

Angelic Reiki

“My sister and I (South Korean) requested distant Angelic Reiki healing from Altair for our mother who was battling stage 4 cancer. He performed many Reiki healing sessions for us over the course of several weeks. 
During this time we experienced strange but positive changes, most importantly, in the attitude of the doctors. They were normally very closed up to any non-conventional treatment ideas but we witnessed the doctors’ attitudes change allowing our mother certain treatments that otherwise would not have been allowed. It was as if certain mental blockages (* See Altair’s comments below) were being removed from their psyche. 
In addition, Altair went above the requested tasks by researching for and providing suggestions of certain very useful natural treatments, which we found to be extremely helpful and effective. 
He is kind, attentive and caring and provided us with invaluable guidance, assistance, and friendship during the course of those several weeks, for which we are extremely grateful. I know that anyone seeking his help will be provided with the highest level of care with his kind and honest guidance for whichever type of healing they are seeking, and in the process, will experience emotional growth.”
C. Park from South Korea
* Altair says: In the process of the distant Angelic Reiki healing, with their permission,  I removed entities and mental/emotional blocks from all concerned, including the doctors. This was what helped them open up to more Holistic methods, which helped improve my client’s health.