Zhineng Qigong


Zhineng Qigong was founded in the early nineteen eighties by Professor Pang Ming, reverently known as Pang Lao Shi (Teacher). From the age of six, grandmaster Pang Ming studied Qigong, T’ai Chi and Martial Arts with nineteen different Grandmasters in China with backgrounds in Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, martial arts, folk and other traditions. In 1958, Pang Ming graduated from Beijing Medical University and from 1958 to 1962, studied traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in acupuncture. From there, he began his research into Qigong, drawing on both his Western and Chinese medical background.

In November 1991, grandmaster Pang Ming founded the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre in Qinhuangdao, China. Over a period of more than ten years, 200,000 patients (Pang Ming called them students) were treated at the Centre, the largest medicine-free hospital in the world. All patients were tested and diagnosed, then put through intensive training in Zhineng Qigong for a month, after which the tests were repeated. The healing rate for patients was over 95% and treated over two hundred disease categories including cancers, liver disorders, heart disease, paralysis, diabetes, congenital defects etc. More than 3000 scientific reports about Zhineng Qigong have been published in China and in 1998, grandmaster Pang Ming was the first person to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Chinese Ministry of Sports and Health. In 1997 the China State Sports General Administration published a book on 21 different styles of Qigong, which rated Zhineng Qigong as the most effective. Then in 1998 the same organisation evaluated eleven Qigong styles and again rated Zhineng Qigong the most effective qigong for improving health. Its efficacy drew an estimated 10 million people to practice it. In 2001, the Zhineng Qigong centres of Dr. Pang and all other large Qigong centres in China had to be closed due to new regulations by the Chinese government. Some people say it was because of the influence of the Pharmaceuticals who by then were becoming quite mainstream in Chinese hospitals. Competition from the very effective free Qigong hospitals would be seen as a threat!


Grandmaster Pang Ming has published nine seminal volumes on Qigong:

1. An Introduction to Zhineng Qigong

Contains guiding principles and explores the unique characteristics of Zhineng Qigong, its research methods, methodology and foundation, as well as its relationship to modern science.

2. Fundamentals of Zhineng Qigong – the Hunyuan (Entirety) Theory

The theoretical basis of Zhineng Qigong, the Hunyuan Theory synthesizes the traditional Chinese philosophy of one-ness with modern scientific thought. Chapters include: Hunyuan theory, Entirety theory, human Hunyuan Qi, the theory of consciousness, the theory of morality, the theory of optimized human life, and the Hunyun concept of therapeutics.

3. Essence of Zhineng Qigong

Provides in-depth analysis of profound concepts in Qigong including consciousness, cultivation, breath control and posture. Importantly, in the chapter Exploitation of Consciousness, Professor Pang Ming illuminates the nuances pertaining to consciousness, declining idealist and theist concepts of consciousness and posits instead a

dialectical materialist paradigm.

4. Practical Methodology of Zhineng Qigong

This book provides detailed explanations of the methods of practice for the first three levels of Zhineng Qigong with accompanying illustrations.

5. Techniques of Zhineng Qigong – Super-intelligence

Introduces the theory and practical methods behind areas such as Qigong diagnosis and therapy including supersensory perception and distance healing.

6. A Summary of Traditional Qigongs

Briefly introduces a number of traditional Qigongs, most methods of which were handed down by Professor Pang Ming’s own teachers.

7. Qigong and Human Cultures

8. A Brief Introduction to Chinese Qigong History

9. Modern Scientific Research on Qigong

The above titles, compiled as a set of five books, are available for purchase at our centre. As of this writing, there are no complete authorized English translations of all of Grandmaster Pang Ming’s seminal works.

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