Every child has known God,
Not the God of names,
Not the God of don’ts,

Not the God who ever does anything weird,
But the God who knows only four words
And keeps repeating them, saying:
“Come Dance with Me.”
Come Dance.

Hafiz -Persian poet (1320-1389)

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein

Biodanza is an amazing dance-based system that improves your vitality, self-confidence, and joie de vivre.

It is the Joyful, pleasurable Way of Self-Transformation!

We use an eclectic and vibrant mix of Uplifting Latin music, Tribal drums, Soothing Classical, Hip Swaying Samba, and other Pulsating Music from around the World. Come join us in the Biodance-the Dance of Life!

The creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro, was a Poet, Anthropologist and Psychologist Professor at the University of Santiago, Chile. In the 1960’s he was asked to create a system to ‘take Humanity out of the darkness of the Second World War’. An intellectual, he struggled with this project. The solution came by ‘coincidence’ as many great things do, including Einstein’s theory of relativity!

Einstein said a genius is someone who has learned how to ‘get out of his own way’.

Toro was one of those geniuses that saw the solution in an unusual place. He’d given a party at the Psychiatric hospital where he worked. He suddenly realised that as they had all dressed up , he couldn’t tell the difference between nurses and patients! They were all enjoying themselves.

In the last 60 years Biodanza has blossomed in 54 countries around the world, with over 100,000 people dancing in weekly groups. There are 2,500+ teachers. I am a director of the flourishing London school of Biodanza. The training takes over 3 years. Biodanza is about gently releasing the blocks we’ve inherited. Biodanza is a Joyful way to become an authentic Human Being, not just learning to dance! In fact, there are no steps to learn.

Biodanza’s unique guided process enables you to connect with the five most important expressions of your Life: Vitality, Creativity, Sensuality, Affectivity (Heart opening) and Transcendence. For a deeper explanation of these five aspects and how they can positively transform your life, please request my hand-out by email.

Meet interesting people, willing to ‘step out of the box’ and be free from the ‘blinkers’ that keep most people trapped. Biodanza is a gentle process. You are always encouraged to go along at your own pace.

Bring a friend(s) for £5 – available only to Biodanza first timers.
Contact Altair on 01684 562528/07855 108 777 to book your place.