10th October 2015, by Altair

Gosh! It did take me a long while to get back to this blog didn’t it?

I felt I need to answer this women’s question first, ‘Where have all the Men gone?’

Many ‘New Age’ men have gone into more of their Feminine. In numerology the number 2 represents the feminine aspect. Since we entered the new Millennium in 2000, the Feminine Principle is on the ‘up’ as it were. Everywhere the equality issue is being raised more frequently, and rightly so. When Men enter more deeply into their Feminine, it helps them become more nourishing, to themselves and others. And sometimes as Women see this, they look at it as weakness. They ask what about the strong Masculine, we want more of that aspect too! Yes, for those Men learning to balance the masculine and feminine it can be a tricky path. I’ve found my journey alongside other Men within the Mankind Project (see MKP.org.uk) has helped me a great deal.

Sometimes we can go from one extreme to the other. Becoming Macho, then switching to the Nourishing aspect of ourselves is a delicate balancing act. Macho is an extreme. The other extreme is allowing yourself to become a doormat for everyone else’s wants and needs. One of the problems of modern society is that the ancient initiations that helped a boy into Manhood and a girl into a Womanhood have disappeared. This is where MKP and similar organisations are helping Men find their true Masculinity without being macho.

Women have an organisation called Women Within, that helps Women develop their deep Feminine, as well as strengthen their Masculine aspects such as creating healthy boundaries for themselves, family etc. When we become more balanced in the masculine AND feminine aspects of ourselves, we often attract our counterpart in the opposite sex. That’s when the ‘Dance of Life’ becomes that more interesting! I am writing a book about the ‘Man-Woman Mystery’. It’s a subject that been near to my heart for over 30 years, after meeting Spiritual Master Barry Long.
So to answer that question, ‘Where have the Men gone’, you need to also ask, have I, Woman developed my masculine aspects enough to handle a truly masculine man? In the old days, when ‘men were men’ the macho aspect often ruled the household. Things have changed thankfully. We are moving to greater balance.

We just need to learn to ‘dance’ to a finer tune with our lovers.